Frozen US Scallops

Frozen US Scallops

THB   1,850.00  / kg

THB 1850 / kg 

Size 1 kg/pack

Feeds 1 - 2 person


kg ( 1 kg / unit )
kg ( 1 kg / unit )

Considered a delicacy by many, these fine Atlantic Sea Scallops are among the largest of scallops. Very versatile, from simple pan-searing, grilling, added to stir-fries or coated with breadcrumb for deep-frying.

Atlantic sea scallop - Placopeten magellanicus

Origin : USA

Nutritional information (per 100g portion)

Kcal : 79.0000
Protein (g) : 18
Carbohydrate (g) : 1
Sugars (g) : 0
Fat (g) : 0
Cholesterol (mg) : 0
Sodium (mg) : 220

!Contains Molluscs

Caught by dredging in the North-East Atlantic coast of the USA. The scallops are 'shucked' to remove the edible part of the scallop, the adductor muscle; this is the cylindrical white meat that holds the two shells together.

Clean, sweet sea taste, firm texture and creamy white appearance.

Store in freezer (-18C or colder) for not longer than about 3-6 months. Defrost before cooking (in refrigerator overnight), then store bagged in refrigerator (0-5C) or ice. Consume within 2-3 days of thawing. Do not refreeze.