Giaveri Siberian Classic

Giaveri Siberian Classic

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jar ( 1 jar / unit )
jar ( 1 jar / unit )

‘Caviar Giaveri’ Siberian Imperial Caviar is obtained from sturgeon species originally from Siberia. It is appreciated by the best connoisseurs because it is comparable to the more famous Osietra. It is most notable for its pleasant texture, freshness, and its delicate, slightly nutty flavour.

Siberian Sturgeon - Acipenser Baerii

Origin : Italy

Nutritional information (per 28g portion)

Kcal : 73.5000
Protein (g) : 6.825
Carbohydrate (g) : 1.12
Sugars (g) : 0
Fat (g) : 5.075
Cholesterol (mg) : 164.5
Sodium (mg) : 420

!Contains Fish

Giaveri farms its own Russian sturgeon stocks in the north of Italy in conditions close to the wild. Farming ensures consistently great quality. Use traditional Russian Malossol (low salt) method for the natural caviar flavours to come through, sort and pack the eggs by hand.

Eggs about 2.9 - 3 mm; color anthracite gray / black. Taste: gentle, lovable, lightweight.

Store unopened in refrigerator chiller, preferably with crushed ice. With care, the caviar can last up to 4 weeks. After opening can, store close to 0C and enjoy within 5 days. Recommend to cover surface of uneaten caviar with plastic, and reseal the lid. DO NOT FREEZE