Live Gillardeau Oysters

Live Gillardeau Oysters

THB   219.00  / pc

THB 219 / pc

Size No 2

Feeds 1-2 person


pc ( 1 pc / unit )
pc ( 1 pc / unit )

The famous Gillardeau oysters of France are a labour of love spread over 4 generations. For French poet Leon-Paul Fargue, eating French oysters was ‘like kissing the sea on the lips’

Pacific oyster - Crassostrea gigas

Origin : France

Nutritional information (per 100g portion)

Kcal : 80.0000
Protein (g) : 9.5
Carbohydrate (g) : 6
Sugars (g) : 0
Fat (g) : 2.3
Cholesterol (mg) : 47
Sodium (mg) : 106

!Contains Molluscs

These oysters have been produced by the Gillardeau family company for over 110 years and four generations. They spend more than three years in deep water, rich in phyto-plankton before finishing their lives in the salt ponds of Marenne-Oleron. 

Ripe, unique, subtle iodine flavour with a hint of sweetness. The oyster is creamy and meaty in texture.

Keep alive till ready to serve. Keep in the shell with cup side down to retain moisture (damp cloth covering them). Keep chilled (but not in ice or water). Best to eat as soon as possible.