Live Tsarkaya Oysters

Live Tsarkaya Oysters

THB   189.00  / pc

THB 199 / pc 

Size No 3

Feeds 1 - 2 person


pc ( 1 pc / unit )
pc ( 1 pc / unit )

AKA the Cancale oyster, the quality of these oysters is reflected in their reputation and history. Become a part of the history.

Pacific oyster - Crassostrea gigas

Origin : France

Nutritional information (per 100g portion)

Kcal : 80.0000
Protein (g) : 9.5
Carbohydrate (g) : 6
Sugars (g) : 0
Fat (g) : 0.3
Cholesterol (mg) : 47
Sodium (mg) : 106

The Tsarkaya Oysters have been the food of royalty since the dawn of time, including for Roman emperors, French Kings and even Russian Tsars. This fully fleshed oyster is exclusively ripened and produced in the bay of Mont Saint Michel. 

Firm to crunchy, powerful on the palette, pure and with a taste of iodine. It releases a sugary flavour that tastes almost like sweet almonds.

Keep alive till ready to serve. Keep in the shell with cup side down to retain moisture (damp cloth covering them). Keep chilled (but not in ice or water). Best to eat as soon as possible.